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Tire & Wheel Service, Inc. Documentation on Accessibility

Tire & Wheel Service, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities.

We are constantly working to improve the user experience of our website through partnerships with our provider and the implementation of relevant accessibility tools and standards. Our website is built on a platform that is compliant with W3C standards for HTML and CSS and is designed to display correctly on all current and future browsers.

Accessibility Measures

Our website partner takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of sites built on the Torque Digital platform:

  • Incorporating accessibility into our continuous improvement process
  • Using formal accessibility quality assurance methods
  • Keeping up-to-date with technical and legal accessibility standards


As a dealership, we strive to make our website understandable and accessible to all visitors, including those with disabilities. This includes providing clear information on prices, promotions, events, hours of operation, and location. 

While there are currently no specific legal requirements for commercial websites, we are committed to meeting the needs of all visitors to our site. If you have any issues accessing the site, please contact our website partner at digital@torque360.co with the page and description of the issue and a suggestion for improvement. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve accessibility on our website.